That Changes Height Standing Desk Treadmill


Standing desk treadmill with ambient LED lighting that promotes a workspace healthier and more connected to rise with a simple hand movement. All our work tools are smart nowadays, since our pens, our headphones, and now even our furniture!

The present-day work environment has improved considerably, because of the relationship between exercise and productivity, where we learn that human bodies were not meant to sit at a desk for eight hours. The concept of standing desk treadmill has gained increasing popularity, and now, an interesting addition.

The table air introduces a new technology to consumer’s healthier lifestyle with dynamic and healthy workspace. With the help of an electric motor and including a custom able LED light, table adjusts intelligently height, allowing the change of ergonomic posture of its members throughout the day. The lifting process is activated by a motion sensor – or through a mobile application called Table Air App – embedded within the table via a smart button that realizes the distance between the user’s hand and will raising or lowering the table silently match their height.

A standing desk treadmill with really futuristic design: glossy white finish decorated with ambient light that combines with stainless steel legs coated with matt white. The table reaches a maximum height of 130 cm and a minimum height of 64 cm.

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