Standing Desk Stool Ideas


Standing desk stool – Clearly we all know what the correct way to sit at the computer is. But then not do case, we have all had to swallow a course of prevention of occupational hazards. The consequences of spending too much time sitting incorrectly are many and varied: muscle pain, hernias, poor circulation ET. To avoid these problems, the concept appears standing desk. The idea is to work standing rather than sitting. Obviously we have to adapt our working environment for this new position. For example, the desktop has to be higher, to support your arms in close to 90 ° angle. The screen must be at eye level, so we also need to raise it on the desktop.

Although there are many studies that have shown that working long periods of time sitting is bad for health, there is none that clearly shows that work standing it healthier. Come on, work with standing desk stool avoids the risks that arise when working sitting. At least in theory.

This type of desks was used by historical figures such as Winston Churchill and Benjamin Franklin. Mark Zuckerberg uses a standing desk stool. And many Facebook developers are following the same path. We do not know if their benefits or give the ball to his boss. In Google there are employees who are applying for work standing desks all day. I guess because it remains to see if it is something beneficial to health, or just a fad.

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