Selecting the Correct Size for Your Mercury Glass Table Lamp


Mercury glass table lamp – A chandelier is an important decorating a room statement. The size should be in balance with the environment and the table on which hangs. Choosing the right size is easy if a few measurements taken and follows some guidelines.

Selecting the correct size for your mercury glass table lamp, Measure the width of the dining table to determine the diameter of the chandelier. The diameter must be half the width of the table.  Measure the height of the wall to determine the duration of the chandelier. The length of the mercury glass table lamp should be between 2 to 3 inches per foot of height of the wall. For example, if the walls of the dining room are 12 meters high, the mercury glass table lamp that best suits this room is 24 to 36 inches long. Use the dimensions of the room as an alternative method for determining spider diameter. Add measuring the width and length of the room, this number is assumed inches, not feet, and use this as the diameter.

Use 1/3 the diameter of the table as the guide for the spider in diameter if two chandeliers are required and hang equidistant from the center of the table. Rectangular and oval mercury glass table lamp should not be less than half the diameter of the table. If the diameter reaches less than 12 inches from the sides of the table, it ie the same space that should be left exposed at the ends.

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