Rubbermaid Closet Designer Ideas


Rubbermaid closet designer – You do not need Oprah to have a designer wardrobe. It can be hidden behind closed doors, but the closet can combine organization with high style. A Rubbermaid closet designer begins with sorting your closet and gets rid of the items you never wear. Then you are ready for a closet makeover. Whether you have an old-fashioned, small cabinet or up-to-date, spacious walk, there are plenty of ways to turn it into the closet of your dreams.

Use all the space

Customize your Rubbermaid closet designer using every inch of available space. Divide and rule by assigning sections for different types of clothing. Use traditional high stakes for dresses and double hung them for skirts, pants and shirts. If there is space, build cubbies for shoes and handbags. Add open shelves for flat items, such as shirts.

The high stakes should be 43-60 inches from the floor. If you use double-hung rods, put the lower rods about 42 inches from the floor and put the upper double-hung pole at least 36 inches above the bottom. Place all of the rods of at least 12 inches from the back of the Rubbermaid closet designer to allow enough space for clothes hangers.

Category your belongings. Hang all skirts together, grouped by color. Do the same with dresses, blouses and pants. Break up suits, and store blazer with other jackets and costume skirt with your other skirts. Suddenly you see new and attractive clothes you never realized you had.

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