Rolling Clothes Rack: in Handy!


A rolling clothes rack is a useful organizing tool for hanging clothes, and to expand your closet space. But sometimes these racks tip or wobble, which can lead to problems with both moving and storage. There are several things you can do to make your rolling clothes racks little more stable; especially if you build them from scratch.

Expanding base of your rolling clothes rack. Each clothes rack has a base, which is where bar and vertical supports connected to wheels. Wheels are held in check with a framework that can serve as a bottom shelf of rolling rack. Remove wheels. Cut large square or rectangular base plywood and screw a wheel to every corner of new base. Broader base you cut, more stable racket will be and less likely it will fall over. Screw vertical supports so that they are centered on new, broader base and use 90 -graders angle bracket to add additional support. Your rack should now be a flat, wide board on wheels with actual clothing rack centered on base.

Adjust height of your rolling clothes rack, so it is as low as it can be, while still keeping your clothes hung up. Lower center of gravity of rack and lower weight on it, less likely it will be to overthrow.  Not all racks adjust, but some have different height settings, so you can adjust clothes you store.

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