Restaining Kitchen Cabinets Ideas


Restaining kitchen cabinets – This old kitchen or bathroom cabinets need a face lift. Decide whether to restain or updated, depending on the current state of the cupboard or cabinet, how it fits into your decor and how much time and effort you want to put into the project. Whatever you decide, the outcome refresh or update the look of the space. For restaining or updating, work in a well ventilated place.

To restaining kitchen cabinets, an oil or water based stain to use. While oil-based stains do not raise the grain while penetrate, they smell very strong and require clean with mineral spirit solvents. The darker the stain with multiple applications. The more environmentally friendly water-based stains only need water and soap for cleaning operations. However, these spots may increase the grain unless the case is first dimmed light can completely dry, sanded with fine sandpaper and repeat the entire process before coloring. When you are finished with stains, the cabinet makes six to eight hours to dry, and then apply a stain and polyurethane sealant. The layer of polyurethane also adds a glossy finish on the cabinet.

Change requires more work than restaining kitchen cabinets. Kitchen cabinets require particularly thorough decreasing and deg riming before work begins. Remove all hinges and handles on both the cabinet and cupboard doors before painting. Drop cloths places around your work area.

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