Restain Kitchen Cabinets Ideas


Restain kitchen cabinets – Over time, kitchen cabinets abuse of being kicked, encounter, spotted with grease and other food and exposed to heat and sunlight. Once you see the kitchen cabinets worn and must notice a few new coats of stain, you do not block a weekend to do the job because you can finish the job in a few hours. Remove the screws on the cabinet hardware in place, including the hinges for the doors. Screw handles or drawer pulls that are not in the cabinets with screws are put firmly by turning it counterclockwise hardware.

To restain kitchen cabinets, Wipe down the cabinets with a damp microfiber cloth to remove any dirt or debris. Allow the cabinets to dry completely. Brush the stain on the cabinets, covering every wooden surface. Wait until the stain applies the stain again if the coverage is not even completely dry. The pool stain on the wood not permitted as this will lead to uneven coverage.

Brush a clear coat finish on the cabinets and allow them to air dry after all the specifications on the finish coat container. Install link the hardware again and again, the doors to the restain kitchen cabinets by means of the hinges.

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