Refurbishing Kitchen Cabinets Ideas


Refurbishing kitchen cabinets – Remove all hardware, including drawer pulls, knobs and hinges. Reserved cabinet doors. Clean hardware with soap and water. Strip the finish, both in the cabinet body and removed the doors and drawers. The stripper with a paintbrush to apply and let it sit for a specified time in the instructions. Scrape the finish with utilities such as steel, wood or putty knife. For highly resilient finish, soften with a heat gun for scraping. Clean the stripped wood with varnish, as specified by the chemical stripper instructions. Use the sander smooth grain. To add a distressed look, cracks and dents in the government may appeal; otherwise, fill spots with wood filler and let dry.

Stain retains the original look cabinet or prime and paint for a bold new look. Painting can be an acceptable option if the cabinet wood is damaged, or if it is not an antique; otherwise, remember that paint usually lowers the value of antiques. To refurbishing kitchen cabinets, clean the cabinet surfaces Enable continuous fabric for both options. Test your stain or paint color on an inconspicuous area before you begin.

After refurbishing kitchen cabinets, replace closet doors, drawers and hardware. If old hardware is not to your liking, purchasing new knobs, pulls and hinges. Modern hinges are often preferable to the original, as they open and allow for smoother closing. Additionally, new cabinet doors can be ordered for a new look.

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