Redoing Kitchen Cabinets Idea


Redoing Kitchen Cabinets – New kitchen cabinets are a major expense of any kitchen renovation, but if the old cabinets are in fairly good condition, you do not have to replace them. If the cabinets are in good working order, but have not been painted with latex paint, a good cleaning, new paint and new hardware may be all you really need to appear new and fresh for a fraction of the cost. you need:Screwdriver,hardware,Trisodium phosphate (TSP),Cube,Sponge,Rubber gloves, Coarse sandpaper and fine grain, Pulp (optional),Spatula, Panels and / or cut to fit cabinets (optional),Latex,Primer,Foam roller, Brush 2 inches.

To redoing kitchen cabinets, remove the cabinet doors, drawers and hardware. Empty and clean your cabinet’s countertops. Mix the TSP with water according to the label and cabinet doors, drawers and clean cabinet fronts. You can also take this opportunity to thoroughly clean the inside of the cabinets, too. Rinse everything with water. Arena all cabinet doors, drawers and frames with sandpaper and then coarse sandpaper fine grain. The purpose of sanding is to remove the old paint finish.

Redoing kitchen cabinets repair as necessary. If you are replacing the old hardware with hardware of a different size, filled with old hardware holes with wood putty. If the cabinets have notches or significant other, fill with wood putty grooves, following the instructions on the product label. Make the desired aesthetic changes. For example, you can add or cut raised panels, if desired.


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