Painting Birch Kitchen Cabinets


Birch Kitchen Cabinets – To painting birch kitchen cabinets you must deconstruct cabinets birch plywood. Loosen the door hardware. Remove cabinet doors. Remove the shelves of the cabinet, if possible. Clean the cabinets. Use a liquid deglosser and an abrasive sponge to clean all cabinets. Immediately after washing, wipe off excess with a clean cloth. Correct surface imperfections in birch cabinets with wood putty. Use the putty and a putty knife to fill holes, dents and cracks in the wood. Let dry caulk manufacturer’s instructions.

Arena cabinets with fine sandpaper grain. Sanding wood soften and remove the gloss birch cabinets. Remove sanding dust furniture with a damp cloth. Prime cabinets with a brush and a paint roller foam. Cover large flat areas cabinets with paint roller foam and other areas with the brush. Let the primer dry. Arena cabinets primed with sandpaper fine grain. Do not sand all the way through the book. The purpose of sanding after priming is to remove small bumps or strokes in the finish. Dust with a damp cloth.

Paint the birch cabinets with paint, a paint roller and brush. Let the first coat of paint dry for several hours. Arena cabinets painted with fine sandpaper grain. Work carefully so that you do not sand the cabinet too. You simply want to remove any lumps or brush marks. Remove sanding dust with a damp cloth. Paint the birch cabinets for the second time with a roller brush and paint. Let the second coat of paint dry for 24 hours. Paint a third coat of paint on the cabinets as necessary. Replace the doors and hardware for cabinets with a screwdriver.

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