Organizing a Chinese Kitchen Cabinets with Glass Doors


Chinese kitchen cabinets with glass doors, taking time to organize items can also make storage of porcelain in a decorative focal point of the room. Remove all items from the cabinet. Place the heaviest, such as soup and serving dishes in the bottom of the china cabinet plates. If the pieces have tapas, tapas turn the mouth down into the containers to prevent breakage.

Keep the dishes you use most frequently easier access shelves. Stack of plates according to size. Use strips coated metal Chinese kitchen cabinets to create more storage space and to prevent the batteries from getting too heavy dishes. Purchase padded storage containers for dishes that do not use regularly. Storing food in these containers keeps dust and debris from the plates, and protects them from chips and dents. Place a coffee filter between each plate for added protection from scratches and damage.

Coffee cups Hang hooks in the Chinese kitchen cabinets. If the handles are delicate or previously have been repaired, place the side rim glasses on the shelf to prevent breakage. Keep delicate items, including wine glasses and glass in the upper shelves. Store glasses with tires up to avoid cracks and chips. Make sure there is plenty of space between glasses so they do not touch each other and break.

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