Making a Round Folding Table with Folding Legs


Round folding table – They are very suitable for house parties or a game of cards large. If you do not have a folding table with folding legs, you can put together a table that fits your needs and allow more room for entertaining guests. Making a round folding table with folding legs, Place a sheet of 4 by 8 plywood and measure down six feet in length. Plywood is cut so is 4 feet by 6 feet. Run a tape measure along the plywood and mark the desired cutting position with a pencil in six feet long.

Align the blade of a circular saw to the mark on the plywood and turn the saw. Cut carefully along the line with circular until the plywood is cut saw. Repeat for the other measure. This piece will be the top of the round folding table. Turn the plywood bottom is facing up. Measure 10 inches from the edge of the plywood and mark the position of both parties.

Align the hinges on the desired location and mark the whole locations with a pencil. I attach a 1/8 inch to electric and pre-drilled holes for hinges drill. Attach a hinge at each location marked by what faces diagonally toward the center of the table. Set a 3 – foot metal table leg to each of the hinges installed. Place the leg flat on the round folding table and fix the hinge with the supplied screws and a power drill. Repeat for all remaining hinges. Deployment of the hinges and leave the round folding table to check that you are correctly. Closing a backup when you are done using it.

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