Make the Milk Paint for Kitchen Cabinets


Milk Paint Kitchen Cabinets –  Buy the basic ingredients. You can buy a quart of skim milk and a lemon directly in the grocery store in the area. You must deposit also of powder pigments or acrylic paints the desired hue in a specialist shop. You’ll also need a piece of gauze and a sieve. Then Prepare the mobile for painting. Milk paint kitchen cabinets makes the cabinets better, but it is possible to sand and clean up a piece of antique cabinets and then repainted. Combine skim milk lemon juice in a bowl. You’ll have to use the juice of one lemon for every liter of skimmed milk pour it into the bowl. Mixing the product in sufficient quantity to accomplish your project. Next filter the curds from the milk mixture.

Add four teaspoons (about 50 g) of powder pigment of rennet to milk paint kitchen cabinets. Mixing the pigment or color in acrylic rennet. Continue to stir until the color is completely homogeneous. Apply the paint to the furniture you have prepared with a special brush. The paint will dry quickly. Use a hair dryer to dry the paint quickly. In this way, the paint screpolerà conferring to the mobile an even more antique. Throw away any unused paint within two days of preparation. It is made from milk, so it will not last long. Wash all containers and brushes with soap and water. Remember that it is a non-toxic paint, so it is completely safe wash these tools in the kitchen.

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