Did You Know Gear Closet?


Gear closet – Help your teen organize her clothes and accessories to save him time in morning and keep cleaning simple. You can make or buy clothing organizer tags to hang in clothing section of his closet rod. Just mark them with titles such as “Long sleeves”, “short sleeves” and “Jeans”. Use same type of hangers for consistency to make closet look nicer.

Then install hooks to hang his backpack, coats, belts and other gear closet. Hanging closet shelf organizers can also help to utilize space efficiently by providing a place for folded items and accessories. Or your teen can use these shelves to put his outfit for every day of week. Free up floor space in closet by adding racks of clothes rod. And buy or sew fabric silos in colors that coordinate with room.

Make labels for bins, detailing contents of each. So your teen knows exactly where to find her athletic gear closet, makeup or her fashion magazine collection. Next, turn a plain box with a lid for a place for your teen to save all her special keepsakes, memorabilia from trips and concerts and her diary or journal. If your teen is crafty, let her dress up in box by covering it with a photo or magazine clipping collage or decoupage. If you use a sturdy material, such as wood, you can add a simple lock for extra privacy for those items and then put box on new shelf with rankings.

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