Kitchen Cabinets Refinishing Design


Kitchen cabinets refinishing – Kitchen cabinets go through a lot with daily use. After a few years or decades of normal wear and tear, they tend to look tired, faded and unsightly. The first thought that an owner can have is to replace all the cabinets in the kitchen. This option is expensive and is not suitable for someone on a tight budget. Another option is to update the look of the kitchen furniture refinishing. With the help of some essential supplies such as a rotary sander and appropriate knowledge, these cabinets obsolete and worn kitchen can look brand new.

To kitchen cabinets refinishing, Fill the sink nearby with warm water and add two or three drops of mild soap. Remove cabinet drawers, shelves, doors, handles or knobs with a screwdriver. Place sticky notes on each matching closet door and cabinet marked with corresponding numbers to track the exact location of the closet door.

Place the cabinet hardware in the warm water and soap. Use a soft cloth to remove stains from dirt, oil or grease left behind everyday cooking. Dry the hardware in a soft towel and store them with screws in a bowl. Three windows open and close a filter mask placed over the nose and mouth. Mineral vapors alcohol is toxic and harmful to the respiratory system if inhaled over a long period of time. Moisten a soft cloth with mineral spirits and rub all surfaces wood kitchen cabinets refinishing, doors, drawers and shelves.

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