Installing A Kitchen Cabinet Hinge


Kitchen Cabinets Hinges Р Installing a kitchen cabinet hinge is one of the simplest projects and low-cost home repairs. Before long, you can add a new set of hinges of your kitchen cabinets, giving them a fresh new look and making them easier to use. This project is very easy and most people will be able to complete with satisfactory results. We Need: Cabinet doors, Hinges, Screws, Screwdriver, Drill, Hammer, Wood, Chisel, Measuring Tape, Pencil.

The instructions to installing a kitchen cabinets hinges,  Choose the location where the hinges will be attached to the door. Keep a dish at a time against the inside of the door and draw the exact contour of the hinge with a pencil. If you use exposed or concealed hinges, door plate most likely be located in the back of the door. Depending on the type of hinges you chose, you can set the other side of the hinge on the outside of the box or inside. Then Measure the distance from the edges of the door to ensure that all hinges are equally spaced. If the door is less than 2 feet, hinge between 2 and 5 inches of the ends of the door. If the door is more than 2 feet high, add a third hinge of each door in the center.

Use a hammer and chisel to chip wood spaces shall be indicated on the hinges off the door. This will make the plates recessed and flush with the wood. Be careful to stay within the lines drawn and not go deeper than the thickness of the hinge plate. And then with the spaces carved out, hinge, one at a time, in the spaces to which they belong and gently drill pilot holes through the holes in the hinge plate on the wood to make an easy place insert the screws in the door. Make sure the screws around the party and are large enough to split wood or protrude from the other side. Insert the screws securely in the holes to hold the hinge on the door.  Next make a helper to hold the door in place where it fits into the cabinet opening properly. While your assistant holds the door, use the stylus to trace the exact contour of the hinge plate in the cabinet. This step is not necessary if the hinges will not be lowered.

Remove the doors and use the chisel to remove wood contours as it did in the door, being careful to stay within the lines and cut to the exact same depth as the hinge plate. Repeat for all doors and hinges. The last, ask the assistant to hold the door in place again and mount the hinges in the right places. Use the drill to make pilot holes and then insert the screws firmly to hold the doors in place. When all hinges have joined cabinets, the kitchen cabinets hinges has been completed.


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