How to Repaint Kitchen Cabinets White


Repaint kitchen cabinets – Your kitchen cabinets see a lot of wear. These surfaces are subjected to conditions of heat and cold as well as damp and wet. Not to mention dirty hands often open and close the cabinets, while cooking or eating. A new coat of paint can be just the thing to give your kitchen a clean, fresh look. Whether your cabinets are already painted or have a wood finish, paint them white is a relatively easy process; and the results will illuminate the room immediately.

To repaint kitchen cabinets, empty your drawers and closets. If you are painting the inside and outside of the cabinets, you need to store your dishes and other items in another room for at least two days to allow time for the paint to dry. Remove all the drawers, cabinet doors and hardware. This includes handles, knobs and hinges. You must have a clear surface to paint on, with few areas that need to be painted around. Clean all surfaces. Using a sponge and cleaner multipurpose, clean the entire surface to be paint.

Sand all surfaces. Lightly sand the cabinet doors, drawers and other surfaces to be painted. Apply primer. Make sure you select a primer which is compatible with the paint you’re using to repaint kitchen cabinets. Use an oil-based paint with oil-based paint or a primer based on shellac with a latex paint. Let the primer dry completely before applying the paint. Apply the first coat of paint. Apply a second coat of paint. This should leave you with a clean white finish. Replace cabinet drawers, doors and other hardware.

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