How to Refinish Whitewash Kitchen Cabinets


Whitewash kitchen cabinets – The finish on your kitchen cabinets set the overall look of your kitchen. Often because they are regularly exposed to moisture, fat and heat your kitchen cabinets will have a dull appearance over time. They can be revitalized by refinishing them. It refinishes your cabinets white kitchen is a project that requires time and patience, but restores the look of your kitchen to its original beauty.

To refinish whitewash kitchen cabinets, remove all the hardware of kitchen cabinets with a screwdriver, including hinges, door handles and knobs. Brush a thick layer of chemical stripper on the surface of the cabinet and let it sit for the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer. Once the lime finish begins to bubble and peel, which is ready to be removed.

Scratch the lime finish the surface of the whitewash kitchen cabinets with the spatula. Rub the cabinets with steel wool to remove hard-to-reach spots or lime difficult goal. Arena cabinets with grit paper 120 to thoroughly clean the old finish and wood chemical stripper. Brush a coat of sanding sealer in kitchen cabinets to ensure that wood absorbs the new uniform finish. Allow the sealer to dry. Clean in a layer of stain with a clean cloth in long, even motions. Brush a thin layer of polyurethane on cabinets.


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