How to Make Portable Clothing Rack


Storage portable clothing rack shelves allow movement of tools and supplies for any project you’re doing, making the work more efficient. The simplest form of a portable storage rack two shelves is mounted on wheels. The shelves are kept low to provide stability. The unit also includes a central piece of plywood between the bottom of the top shelf and bottom shelf. This adds structural unit rack resistance. The project falls within the capabilities of doing things themselves with skills and basic carpentry tools.

Portable clothing rack cut the pieces of wood frame 2 for 4 with a circular hand or table saw. Cut six pieces to a length of 36 cm for horizontal frame sides and the centerpiece. Cut four legs to a length of 32 inches and four frame ends at 24 inches. Cut the shelves and double plywood 1/2-inch or Oriented Strand Board (which is similar to plywood, but made ​​with wood chips) with a circular saw. Cut the top shelf 24 by 36 inches, two lower shelves to 11 1/2 by 36 inches and the central clamp 32 by 36 inches.

Portable clothing rack, mount the shelf supports. Set to each end of the 36 inch long sides horizontal frame 3 inch screw the end pieces. At this point, the frame like a box measuring 36 by 24 inches. Place the centerpiece, the other table 36 inches long, so that an edge of the piece is in the center of the frame opening. Secure in place with 3 – inch screws. Build another unit of the same frame to this frame with other frame parts.

Some people bought the portable clothing rack as their style provided in some fabric developers, but some people designed, created, and enjoyed by them self and with some way can share the joy with people around them. For people like that, its neccesarry to satisfy themself with something they made.

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