How to Make a Folding Picnic Table


Folding picnic table – A table-size picnic is difficult to transport. A lightweight folding picnic table is a great solution if you like picnicking in different areas. The construction of a small 3 feet by 4 feet table is an easy task, accomplished with a few tools, wood and hardware. Trim the 4-foot square sheet of plywood up to 3 feet by 4 feet off the table. Cut two pieces of 3 feet 6 inches 2-for-4. He put the floor and aligns them so that are 2 feet apart and parallel. Centre the surface of the table on them to the sides of 4 feet are parallel to the 4s 2. Nails through the top along each 4 2-portion side.

Cut two pieces of 4 inches long 2-by-4 for folding picnic table. Turn the top of the table a nail and a piece of 4-inch screen TV on top of a piece of 3 feet 6 inches at one end so that it lines up. Nail the second piece 4 inches long on top of the other 3-foot 6-inch piece at the opposite end. Cut two 3-foot and two pieces of 2 feet 9 inches 2-for-4 for the legs.

Stand a lead of 3 feet at the end of each 3-foot 6-inch piece of the small piece of 4 inches. Attach a hinge in the inner corner of each leg with screws that fold into 4-inch pieces. Stand lead to 2 feet 9 inches on each piece of 4 inches and attach a hinge on the inside of each leg and 4-inch piece. They fold in the legs after 3 feet bend. Sand the rough edges of the table completed. Brush wood stain or paint folding picnic table on all surfaces and let dry.

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