How to Finishing Antique White Kitchen Cabinets


Antique white kitchen cabinets give sense different of our feel. So below I’ll guide you to do it. The first is chosen paint. Decide on the brightness, semi gloss or matte finish paint. Brightness is louder and hold up better. Decide on the white color.

Second step, prepare the room. Clear the counters and cupboards empty. Move all the furniture to another room and cover appliances, counters, backsplash, windows and floors. Bring in a working group to refinish antique white kitchen cabinets. Remove the doors and hardware. Clean the cabinets. Remove shelf paper. Use an all-purpose cleaner and a clean cloth or paper towels to get rid of dirt, dust, food debris and grease from the inside of cabinets and doors. Let them dry. Sand doors and cupboards. Use 180-200 rough sandpaper for all surfaces.

First of cabinets and doors. Using a brush, apply primer to all surfaces. Allow the primer to dry and then sand all surfaces a second time slightly. Paint the cabinets.Do-it-yourselfer to apply the paint with a brush rather than a sprayer, roller or sponge applicator. Allow the paint to dry between coats to reach antique white kitchen cabinets. Allow all surfaces to dry completely before hanging the doors.

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