How To Build Floating Corner Desk


How To Build Floating Corner Desk – How to mount a floating table the floating table is connected directly to a wall without the use of table legs, so that seems floating against the wall. Riding a floating table is not too difficult, even if you only have a table that you want to turn into a floating table.

Take the size of the desktop that you want to attach as a floating corner desk. Draw a level line on the wall where you want the table which is the same length as the back of the table top. Cut a 2 by 2 inch lumber which is about 8 cm shorter than the length of the wall line. This is the clamp to fix the floating table. Place the clip centered on the wall line and secure it with 4-inch screws two through the clamp on each wall pillar position. Place an L – bracket in each end of the clip, with the horizontal support arm L at the same height as the top of the clamp. Secure the L – bracket to the wall with 2 inch screws through each of the screw holes in the support arm.

Sit on the floating corner desk top on the brackets and clip, pushing -o back so that it is flush to the wall. Secure the desk top to a clip with long screws enough to go through the clip and about half the thickness of the table top. Repeat with the horizontal arms of the L-brackets using screws that are long enough to go through about half the thickness of the table top.

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