How to Build a Double Standing Desk Converter


Standing desk converter – A double desk converter is an alternative to save space in an office. This option provides two separate work areas. The T shape suggests a shared central storage area for paper, printer and fax. This configuration also creates a private area for each desk.

Instructions build a double standing desk converter: 1) Measure 10 cm starting from each end of the timber 10×10 cm 1.4 m. Apply wood glue between the two marks. 2) Place the plywood 1.2 m wide by 1.7 m long on a flat surface. Align marks 10×10 timber with the edge of the timber 1.2m 10×10 press timbers at the edge. 3) Measure 5 cm from each end of the timber 10×10 1.4 m on the side facing upwards. Apply wood glue on a piece of 60 cm and draw a line within every 5 cm mark.

Use construction adhesive on the back side of the file standing desk converter 70 cm by 45 cm by 55 cm. Pass the wood glue on the exposed front edge of the piece 10×10 and press a piece of wood that measures 1.9 m long by 70 cm at the front, aligning the edges with the upper and outer edges of the desk. Paint the table to give a finish. Use a paint color that matches the color of the desks to have a more homogeneous appearance.

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