Hiding Mirrored Medicine Cabinet


Mirrored medicine cabinet – If you do not need the mirror that covers the cabinet will transform the room. In interior decoration, which hides an unwanted feature requires the creation of an intentional effect. It is the trick to hide something from view. Mounting framed art or whimsical decor, like a chalk board on the medicine cabinet with mirror provides effective camouflage.

Measure the width of the front of the mirrored medicine cabinet from one edge to the other. Measure the height of the car, from the top of the booth to the bottom thereof. Note the measurement.  Use the tape measure and mark the measurements of the medicine cabinet in the back of the article. Glue a magnet every 6 inches along each edge of the element to be used to hide the mirrored medicine cabinet. The distance between the magnets not has to be exact.

Hold the board or art against the medicine cabinet to check that magnets have. Glue the self – adhesive magnets on the marks made on the closet mirror. Align the magnets on the back of the board or art with magnets on cabinets. The magnets are a strong attachment to maintain their camouflage instead of hiding the mirrored medicine cabinet.

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