Glazing Kitchen Cabinets Ideas


Glazing kitchen cabinets – Cabinets are the most visible part of your bathroom and kitchen. They can make the room look great and friendly or monotonous and boring. Over the years, from fat accumulation and other cabinets may appear dirty or messy. If your cabinets need a facelift and do not have much money to spend on new ones, glazing them could be the answer. Glazed cabinets can add a bit of charm, giving them an antique feel.

Glazing kitchen cabinets is a technique for antiques by mixing them with the same enamel paint color as the cabinets. This is achieved by rubbing the solution and enamel paint on the cabinet or by rubbing a diluted coat of paint on the cabinet. The technique creates a translucent layer over existing paint. As a result, enamel highlights the details of the cabinets.

Before you start your glazing kitchen cabinets, choose the right color according to the existing paint. After selecting paint, create a solution and mixed enamel paint. Do not be alarmed by the color white glazing liquid. It will dry clear. Remove cabinet doors and all hardware. Then dip a cloth in the mixture and start applying the glaze with a circular or up and down, which ever suits you move. Allow the polish to dry and replace the doors and hardware.

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