Garment Rack IKEA Ideas


Garment rack IKEA – With so many scarves, hats and coats in winter certainly you have space problems in your closet. Do not worry, so you have seen are not the only or the first, so it would be nice to get a little extra space with a donkey type hanger. And on top it has an industrial feel like this much better.  Cut the wood.  Make sure the wood base is a little longer than the pipe going to use as a hanger, as elbows and fixers will give a little more length to the bar itself.

Garment rack IKEA, treat the wood depending on the finish you want to achieve. Here everyone is free to choose the finish: natural, painted with a coat of paint … what better stick with your style. Time to install the wheels on the bottom corners of the base. Mark with a pencil where each screw goes. Make holes given not to go and screw through the wood. Screw the wheels to the base.

Garment rack IKEA, install and paint the pipes. Once you have the list timber, you have to assemble pipes with elbows and foundations will hold the wood. If the pipes are not the color that you like to be the final coat rack, provisionally holds the two timber structure and so it will be easier to paint with a spray.

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