Free Standing Towel Rack Ideas


Free standing towel rack – A free standing towel rack in the bathroom may not seem like the most important home accessory, but when you step out of the shower and no towels find at your fingertips, or just a crumpled-up, mold lot of terrycloth, you can reconsider that thought. if you want size options or custom materials, you may want to make your own.

Industrial metal free standing towel rack, if you have an ultramodern or just masculine bathroom and want to go with a heavy, industrial look for your towel rack, you can make your own, but may require some knowledge and specialized tools. Start with a robust sheet metal, about 3 meters long and 6 inches tall. When the sheet metal is placed horizontally, cut the right and left ends in decorative shapes, smooth edges, and drill a hole about 3/8 inch in diameter about 3/4 inch from each end, vertically centered .

Reusing old fixtures and furniture in free standing towel rack or wall towel racks by searching for any old topic that has become horizontal or vertical bars. Metal railings, wooden railings sections or futon frames can even be old towel racks if set against the wall at an angle. Add decorative hooks to the edges of these items to hang small hands and towels or cloths fingertip.

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