DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Ideas


DIY kitchen cabinet refacing – Refacing kitchen cabinets can be expensive. You can do it yourself with simple tools and reface your cabinets to fit any style, from country to Victorian to modern. A repair project DIY kitchen cabinet may take a few weeks, but the results are a beautiful kitchen at low cost with their exact design. Be prepared for the limited use of the kitchen for a while. Clean all cabinets, so that the items stored inside are not damaged, nor in the way. Plan your design ahead of time, even though it may be revised as you go. Determine what you want style cuisine such as traditional or modern, what your budget is, and how many hours you can spend on the project.

Work from top to bottom for DIY kitchen cabinet refacing, to prevent damage to the already-finished kitchen areas, do any remodeling from top to bottom. For example, the best reface cabinets first, then change your counter if you do so, and only then move to the lower cabinets. Do all the preparation work, such as stripping old paint from top to bottom as well.

Some cabinets will be completely renovated with just a new coat of paint and new hardware, or adding wood adhesive sheets that are easy to apply. For other cabinets, such as those in a sphere of activity, you may want to try more special, like cutting the center of the glass box and put a wire grid or perforated tin correction, edge moldings wood. To reduce costs and time spent on the project, choose a few special touches DIY kitchen cabinet refacing and stick to basic rehabilitation for others.

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