Design of Distressed White Kitchen Cabinets


Distressed white kitchen cabinets – Although most paint finishes are used to create a flawless color, uniform, painted in white distressed has dents, trademarks and parts of the worn paint. The beauty of a distressed white finish is printable finish this yourself, and any mistake you make will only increase the attractiveness of all kitchen furniture.

To paint distressed white kitchen cabinets, clean the cabinet with a cleaner greaser, if you are working with existing cabinets. Allow the cabinet to dry completely before painting. If you are requesting a distressed white finish with new cabinets, do not clean them with a cleaner. Remove the cabinet doors and all hardware. Place the hardware for each door in a plastic bag. Use a pencil to count both the bag and the door to make sure they go back in the same place.

Closets Sand previously painted with sandpaper 100 grit scratch the surface. This will help the new paint will adhere. If the cabinets have sharp angles, they also sand. This helps the cabinets look as if the corners are softened with age. Paint the cabinets with a base layer of a dark contrasting color. This is the color that will show through parts of white paint finish. If you want the color of your existing cabinets to show through, no need to paint. Common for distressed white kitchen cabinets finishes basic colors include dark brown, sage green, gray and black. Use a satin latex paint and apply with a brush chip 4 inches. Allow the paint to dry at least 12 hours.

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