Decorate The White Glazed Kitchen Cabinets


Plain white glazed kitchen cabinets do not have to be a design disaster. Instead, think of your white kitchen cabinets like a blank canvas, or anchor that keeps your room together. White kitchen cabinets can actually still a charming focal point in any kitchen with a few decorative details.  Add interest to your white cabinets with distinctive hardware and pulls. Depending on the style of your kitchen, new hardware tie the look together. For example, if your kitchen has a modern design, the hardware could be sleek stainless steel or a dark stained wood. If your kitchen design scheme is vintage home, crystal pulling an appropriate touch.

There are pulling in color, shape, size and finish. Kitchen hardware can be found in all price ranges and styles in home decor stores and online. Create depth to your cabinets by adding trim pieces. If your cabinets have a flat front, giving them a craftsmen appearance using a miter box and a circular saw to cut trim pieces at a 45-degree angle as you would a picture frame. Using strong wood glue or nails to keep your trim pieces in place in white glazed kitchen cabinets. Paint to match the cabinets.

Accent white in white glazed kitchen cabinets by adding decorative touches everywhere in your kitchen. For example, use a contrasting shade for your countertops, wall paint or kitchen backsplashes. This will take your kitchen from flat and white bold and interesting. The right accessory works well against the white kitchen cabinets. Consider removing the doors from your kitchen cabinets altogether. If the plain white front is not really your style, remove the cabinet doors by unscrewing the hardware from the frame and leave cupboards open. Putty and paint over the screw holes for a finished look.

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