Convert a Kitchen Cabinet Inserts Of Doors Glass


Kitchen Cabinet Inserts – Doors glazed kitchen cabinets look beautiful. They are a great way to show their prized dishes and kitchen accessories. However, it can be expensive to replace your cabinet doors solid doors with glass inserts. The good news is that if you have the right kind of kitchen cabinet doors and is ready to do some work yourself; you can have cabinets looking great in no time.

Instructions: First, ccheck your kitchen cabinet doors. If you have solid flat door cabinets, you may want to consider purchasing new cabinet doors. However, if the doors of your kitchen cabinets are raised or flat panel doors, you should be able to tackle this project with limited problems. Second, remove the cabinet door and were accustomed to the design of the door. Does your door mounted in two pieces or just one? If your door is only part of the process it can be a little more difficult.

Third, remove the panel two pieces of his closet door. If your closet door is a one-piece design, mark where you want the panel glass is. Once you have the shape marked, starting a hole with a small drill. Once a hole has been started, use a jigsaw to cut the rest of the panel. Forth, reate a ledge to your glass insert to fit after removing the wooden panel. Two pieces of doors should have a ledge now. Remove any excess glue dry wood panels. If the panel has cut the door in one piece, you must use a router to cut a shelf or ledge for seating glass panel. Fifth, place silicone around the edge of the door. Once you have silicone in the door, gently push the glass in silicone. Finish the job by ensuring the glass with plastic clips that are screwed in place. Clips washer plastic or metal type can be purchased at any hardware store.

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