Closet Organization Hacks Ideas


Closet organization hacks – Building and installing closet organizers save your family money and allows you to create custom storage space for all your clothes, accessories, shoes and other personal items. Installing a closet organizer in your closet easily becomes a pain when trying to fit pieces through the doorway. For the best results and to facilitate the process, install as you build your closet organization system

Remove all objects from the cabinet, including shelves, clothes rods and other storage devices; you do not want to maintain your new organization system. And also design a layout for your new closet organization hacks system. Look at the empty closet and decide how you want to position the hanging space and shelves. Then decide heights for each shelf you plan to install and use a tape measure and level to make darker lines to mark the position, length and width of each rack you intend to place. And then install mounting boards for every shelf you want to place in the closet. Attach the mounting boards to the cabinet walls.

As a result, cut sections of half-inch thick plywood to match the required lengths and depths of each shelf you need your closet organization hacks system. Cut portions of the plywood to fit the height and depth requirements on all sides of the shelving pieces. Install rod mounts to attach your clothes rod for hanging clothes in the closet. Measure the distance between the mounting bracket and adjust the length of your closet clothes rod to match that size. Set clothes rod over the mounting bracket and slide the rod into the brackets.

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