Cleaning of Wood Homemade Kitchen Cabinets


Homemade Kitchen Cabinets – A solution of dish detergent (all types) was mixed with water can be used on all types of wood homemade kitchen cabinets, including painted wood. If you want to mix, simply add one tablespoon of liquid to 1 cup of warm water wash. Double the mixture you have more than six closets to clean. Stir the mixture until the soap is well incorporated. For those who have not convenient wash liquid, a different solution can be prepared easily by means of bicarbonate 2 tbsp. with 1 cup of warm water. Both solutions work equally well on any type of wood cabinets.

With a kitchen sponge was soaked thoroughly with the solution, start by cleaning the surface of your wood homemade kitchen cabinets. A circular motion works well on particularly stubborn stains or dirt. Start by focusing on the outside of the cabinets, but make sure you give the sides and a wipe down the interior and to help prevent dust and dirt buildup.

Since wood can be susceptible to water, it is advisable that you dry your homemade kitchen cabinets by hand, once you have finished washing. Be sure to dry the inside of the homemade kitchen cabinets as well. Most cabinets do not need any finishing product, wax or polish. If you’re older cabinets unpainted wood that has been, you may want to use a light dusting of furniture polish after cleaning. Make sure to wipe any excess furniture polish or wax after applying. Repeat the cleaning as often as necessary to ensure that your wood kitchen cabinets remain stain free.

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