Chalk Paint for Kitchen Cabinets Near Stove


We will provide a review of the chalk paint for kitchen cabinets. See detail how to apply these techniques to those who want to try painting chalk. For this I take a direct example of the process step-by-step process.

We will also conduct experiments in the workshop and also creates paintings chalk paint for kitchen cabinets itself. These are steps, namely first, you must find the furniture and the desired color. You know we bought the blue Mediterranean Greek Annie Sloan also called the Blue.

When cleaned with water you understand that chalk paint for kitchen cabinets has a base of acrylic paint, so we tried to mix some red acrylic paint with Greece Blue Annie Sloan, then stir well. Then with a brush that is filled, the first layer covers almost the entire surface, but it will have some scratches, so it becomes necessary to provide a second layer which can be drained about 20 minutes. You also must consider also the importance of this soluble limestone dissolves well in water to avoid lumps. Such information can we convey to you all about chalk paint for kitchen cabinets, may the information in this article useful for you all.

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