Best and Popular Picnic Table Bench


Picnic table bench – It is always a good idea to have additional seating for outdoor events and gatherings. Sometimes the banks that have already been built on a picnic table are not enough, and an extra bank may be necessary for the additional guests. Picnic benches are similar to many outdoor benches. They are made with treated pine, easy to build and not to mention time consuming. Who organizes outdoor events should consider their seating options.

Make a picnic table bench, Lay the 49-inch boards on edge, parallel, and 15 centimeters apart. Place two 15-inch boards on edge perpendicularly between them so they are 46 centimeters apart. Screw the 49-inch boards to the 15-inch boards, so you have a 49-by-18-inch frame. All of the corners of the frame should be equal. By the screw 24 which both 1/2 inch in 49 cm plates in the third 15-inch board. Place your 17-inch inch boards perpendicularly to each corner of the sofa frame. The ends of the 17-inch plates should be equal to one side of the frame. Screw through the corners of the frame and in the 17-inch boards. These are the sofa feet, and they even have the bank evenly.

Place the three 51-inch boards on top of the frame so that they are parallel with the 49-inch boards, with a 1-inch overhang on both 18-inch sides of the picnic table bench. Screw the 51-inch boards to the Bank at this location, using two screws for each end of each plate. Screw a 15-inch board on each pair of legs 8 centimeters apart. The plate should be placed between the legs and 5 cm below the 15-inch plates which is on the top of the frame.


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