Beadboard Kitchen Cabinets Country


Beadboard kitchen cabinets – Beadboard is another term for paneling. This traditional material is an excellent way to a kitchen to feel more casual and friendly. When well in the paint, beadboard can the activity of a busy family with children to resist and still look good. The style of beadboard works well with cottage, beach or country themes. Use beadboard as a wall becomes damaged around the lower perimeter of a room, inside cabinet door facings or as a backsplash on walls behind the kitchen cabinets. Versatile and attractive, beadboard is also easy to install.

start in a corner, measure and mark the beadboard kitchen cabinets length. The beadboard should run vertically from the counter above the upper Cabinet. Use the straight edge to mark the line over the beadboard. Cut the beadboard with the table saw while wearing eye protection. Apply a small amount of construction adhesive on the wall (not too much, it will dry out). Place the Groove side of the first shelf in the corner. Use a small level to correct for vertical plumb line.

Drill three small holes in the tongue of the beadboard, each one at the top, middle and bottom. The holes will be hammering ease in finishing nails. Measure and mark for points of sale, cut the length of the beadboard kitchen cabinets first. Then hold the Council against the counter top, marking lines at the top and bottom of the exhaust hole. Measure the width of the exhaust. Use your straight edge and pencil to mark the cut lines.

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