Bathroom Towel Racks Design


Bathroom towel racks – A rack bath towel must be securely attached to the bathroom wall, otherwise it will fall over time as you regularly, heavy wet towels on the shelf. If possible, you should use the wall studs for mounting the frame, as they provide greater stability. If you have to mount the shelf in the hollow wall, use good quality wall anchors swing rather than any hollow wall anchors that can come with the rack.

Measure the distance between the ends of the bathroom towel racks, or where screws or mounting brackets are attached to the rear of the frame. Choose a spot on the wall where you want to install the rack.  Mark where you will drive the screws to secure the mounting rack or wall. Drive a finishing nail in the wall where marked to see if there is a stud present or not. Pull the nail on the wall with the hammer.

Wood screws unit on the wall, if you find asparagus are present. If asparagus is not present, make guide holes in the wall with a drill, and screw anchors articulated in the wall through the guide holes. Drive screws into the anchors articulated. Insert the bathroom towel racks into the mounting brackets or wood screws into the wall, pressing on the grill until it sits firmly in the brackets.

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