Adding White Beadboard Kitchen Cabinets


White beadboard kitchen cabinets – can add a historical touch to any room in your home. Beadboard panels can be installed on walls, ceilings, closets and kitchen cabinets. T beadboard installation in your kitchen cabinets increases interest in your kitchen, and any plain dress cabinet. Measure the side of the kitchen cabinet. Use a tape measure to get an accurate measurement. Open the measuring tape to measure from the front frame of the cabinet to the wall of the kitchen. Frames face most kitchen cabinets have an edge overlap approximately ΒΌ inch allowing the cabinet to cover the raw edge of the beadboard once installed.

Mark the measurements on the beadboard panel with a pencil. Double check to make sure the measurements are accurate for each piece of white beadboard kitchen cabinets installs. Cut the beadboard along the marked measurements with a table or circular saw. Apply a small amount of polyurethane glue on the back of the cut beadboard. Press the panel into place and nail it in the white beadboard kitchen cabinets, either with a nail gun or small nails, a hammer, and a set of nails.

Fill the nail holes in the side of the box with wood putty. Use a spatula or your finger to obtain a smooth surface on wood putty. Lightly sand the putty with fine grit sandpaper, once it has dried. Paint or stain the beadboard to match your white beadboard kitchen cabinets.

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